About Us


Running a
successful business
since 2002

Our long product line consists of HOME UPS, CAR Battery, Luminous invertor, Exide Car Battery, Microtek UPS and many more

Our Propiretor is Mr. A P Venkat. We were into manufacturing for battery from 2002 to 2008. Next we came into distributorship from 2008 started with Microtek. Than we came into Luminous distributorship in 2010 and then Mtek power distributorship in 2011. We were also dealers of Sf Sonic from 2002-2016 than we distributorship of Sf sonic in 2016. We were also dealers of Exide from 2002-2016 than became distributors of Exide in 2016. We were distributor of Su-kam from 2011. And dealer of Amaron from 2004. We are also dealers of surya batteries since 2011.

We are into distributorship of Powerzone since 2016. And last but not least we are into dealership of kent Ro from 2016. We are one of the reliable and reputed supplier of all kinds of inverters and batteries. Our long product line consists of HOME UPS, CAR Battery, Luminous invertor, Exide Car Battery, Microtek UPS and many more.

Our price range are very competitive, economic and very reasonable and this is almost for all the products. These price range provides very much satisfaction to our clients. For achieving the excellence our company has set up a very good quality management processes and very friendly work culture. Our products like batteries and inverters are highly demanding and also well appreciated in the market. Also our products got worldwide acceptance in case of reliability and quality.

We are certified dealer in inverter and battery. We are focused in maintaining the uniqueness and quality of the product by delivery on time and keeping our product price low. We provide user friendly and reliable product. Our product also have unconditional guarantee. Apart from good products we also provide best services and applications in power industries from more than last 10 years. We have a very high network of customers because of our best solutions.

Our company provides both pre and post services with the help of our trained technicians, engineers and professionals. Our professionals are both dedicated and experienced and they have solutions for any types of problems or issues arise in our products.

In all our products brand microtek has their own in-house modern comprehensive R&D, having a team of very highly qualified professionals. Microtek products have many quality approvals. They are creative and are leaders in their industry because of the innovations. They are honest and dependable. They have commitment for their quality and they are continuously improving.

In other products brand Luminous is one of the leading home electrical specialist in India. They have a vast power backup solutions like batteries, solar applications and batteries. Awarded as super brand status more than 2 times in last 5 years.

If we talk about product brand MTEK than they are mainly dedicated to installation of energy system. They give solutions to both home owners and for industrial needs. They provide environmental friendly, affordable, green and clean energy. They have experience in their field of more than 20 years.

Likewise only other product brands are leaders in their respective fields.

Who We Are

We are the leader in providing service in power industry. We provide both pre and post services. We have a team of highly qualified, hardworking and experienced technician, engineers and professionals. They are providing very good solutions for any technical issues arises in our products. Our customers get solution on demand and on time. That is the reason we have a very wide network of consumers and customers.

Our services are of very reasonable rate. Apart from providing these services we are also wholesalers, dealers and distributors of power saving products. We are honest, reliable, dependaple, creative, quality commitment, innovative and continuously improving.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create ecofriendly environment and continuous economic growth for the society through our innovative ideas for producing our product and services. We can develop innovativeness, good leadership, good quality and safety.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce pollution through our innovative ideas and to provide uninterrupted current supply to our community. We are dedicated to provide world class services and products with the help of our very experienced team. We are focused to create economic value for our employees, stakeholders, suppliers and customers. We believe in expertise, teamwork and passion.

We want to become a trusted brand. We are aiming to provide best, reliable and cost-effective services. We are also working on developing a rewarding relationship along with our owners, suppliers and customers. We are focusing on providing fast and effective solution with the inclusion of latest technologies.

More than 1000+ Smiling Dealers

Microtek has very strong infrastructural National Network, which is growing rapidly; presently we have 355 Service Points, 150 Service Centers and more than 25000 most dedicated and committed Distributors and Dealers spread all across India, besides its own showrooms and more than 200 exclusive shoppes. Microtek has achieved total customer satisfaction through design, manufacture and supply of quality products. It has now the largest installation base of more than 12 Crore user’s, which is growing at a fastest pace month after month and year after year.